Role of Reflexology in Boosting Metabolism for Weight Management

In this fast moving world it’s mostly seen that everyone is bustling in his own life. The social life of every individual has narrowed down, which is results in high stress level in the body. This result of high stress level is leading to overeating,  no proper relaxation to the body and poor eating habits. This results in accumulation of excess fat in the body which can be given a name Obesity or Overweight. In today’s lifestyle obesity is seen as a social stigma in the society. To get rid of this excess fat people start different methods such as

  • Exercise
  • Diet control
  • Reducing intake of alcohol
  • Eat low calorie foods
  • Yoga etc

Most people are unaware that there is also a therapy which is in existence from the era of B.C. It is a non invasive therapy known as reflexology. There are points on hands, feet, ear which is linked to body parts such kidney, lung, heart, liver, spleen and other internal organs of the body called as reflex points.

     When a reflexologist applies pressure to these reflex points it stimulates energy , blood , nerves resulting in therapeutic effects such as:-

  • It helps in relaxing body and mind reducing stress and promoting sense of calmness to the body.
  • It enhances the flow of blood to the various organs of the body and tissues which support their function and overall health.
  • It helps in the energy flow through the body which helps in balancing the overall health of the body.
  •  Weight loss.

We see that the root cause of Obesity is stress. With the help of reflexology therapy stress can be reduced and other benefits in the body can be attained which is helpful in loosing weight. Reflexology therapy alone can’t be beneficial up to much extent. Taking a holistic approach including exercise, diet control and combining reflexology therapy will surely help in loosing weight. The scientific evidence in this present time is very less but few studies have conducted, can read here one & two.

It is always advisable to consult with a qualified and experienced practitioner to ensure safe and effective treatment.

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